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Accusations of theft crimes are very serious. You face the loss of your freedom and the prospect of a permanent criminal record, which could affect your future long after your jail sentence.

Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Salinsky is located in Los Angeles and provides an aggressive defense to individuals accused of theft crimes throughout the Los Angeles County area. He has more than three decades of experience and over 30 years of accumulated knowledge that he utilizes to tailor a defense designed to get you the best possible results.

You may retain him for his trial skills and track record of success, but you also will appreciate the personal attention he provides. He welcomes questions and takes time to ensure that you fully understand your situation and your options. You will feel confident in relying on his advice, especially if you receive a plea offer.

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To discuss your theft-charges with an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, call us toll fee at 1-866-937-8384.

Experienced Los Angeles Auto Theft Defense Attorney

We have extensive experience handling a wide range of theft-charges and federal white-collar crime charges including fraud and embezzlement charges. We offer a vigorous defense against all theft crime charges, including the following:

  • Auto theft – including car jacking, grand theft auto, stealing cars and car parts, operating a chop shop and other car theft related charges
  • Robbery, burglary and larceny – including grand larceny and armed robbery
  • Petty theft – including shoplifting and misdemeanor stealing
  • White collar crime – including mortgage fraud, embezzlement, bank fraud, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, Internet fraud, computer fraud and other state and federal white collar crimes
  • Identity theft

If you have been arrested for theft-charges or are under investigation for a theft or white-collar crime, you should retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and your freedom.

Contact Experienced Los Angeles Theft Crime Defense Lawyer and Trial Attorney Robert Salinsky

For additional information about California theft-crimes, or to discuss your specific theft-charges with an experienced criminal defense attorney, schedule a free consultation by calling us at (323) 255-0116 in Los Angeles or toll free at 1-866-937-8384. If you prefer, you may complete our intake form and we will contact you to schedule a consultation. Our Criminal Defense Attorney, Robert Salinsky, has been defending the criminally accused since 1979.

Located in Los Angeles, California, the Law Offices of Robert Salinsky represents the injured and accused throughout the Los Angeles County area in personal injury claims and criminal defense, including clients throughout the communities in and around Pasadena, South Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Alhambra and Los Angeles.

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